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"On the way into the temple, a laneway of stalls sells flower chains, incense, fruit, and toys for the children. It’s stunning and colourful, even in the faded light before sunrise. The stalls also sell chickens and goats for those families who did not bring their own animals with them. The chickens’ feet are tied to the tops of crates with twist ties, the goats tethered to the sides of the stalls. We walk past families buying animals who will wait with them in line – moving slowly closer to the smells of blood and butchering – then be washed, blessed and sacrificed." - Sayara Thurston, We Animals writer
📸: Animals at Dakshinkali Temple. Nepal, 2017.

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


  • 31w ago stefi_booca stefi_booca

    Como estan invadidos de ignorancia. Porq no sacrifican a un hijo de ellos? 🤔

  • 31w ago


  • 31w ago ndhis ndhis

    Oh my god, that is horrendous!

  • 31w ago elliekitsune elliekitsune

    So upsetting and wrong 😞

  • 31w ago shellbel_3 shellbel_3

    A compassionate and loving maker would never approve of such atrocities! So very sad💔

  • 31w ago laurabee_e laurabee_e

    Sick 💔

  • 31w ago wandering.rose_ wandering.rose_

    This is absolutely disgusting- I don’t care what your culture is, what you religion is- traditions like this make me absolutely sick and it’s further proof that humans are brainwashed sheep- absolutely disgusting.

  • 31w ago jschinzing jschinzing

    So heartbreaking. Some traditions and rituals really need to be left in the past. It’s ok to progress and rethink such things. I’m sorry to all the innocent creatures who are murdered in the name of religion 💔

  • 31w ago lorilwoods lorilwoods


  • 31w ago _boringlove_ _boringlove_

    Que horrible 😢

  • 31w ago _boringlove_ _boringlove_

    @equinepainter Yes, I agree

  • 31w ago naturednugvt6894dvh naturednugvt6894dvh

    There is no understanding or forgiveness for this!!!!

  • 31w ago gretchenroberts2 gretchenroberts2

    Pitifully stupid and so sad for the animals.

  • 31w ago deeds_101 deeds_101

    Disgusting 😢

  • 31w ago meg__nicole__ meg__nicole__

    Why would any sort of deity want us to spill the blood of another living creature in their name? I am not religious, but I would not worship a god that condones this . I don't care what the religious, please stop the endless murder😭

  • 31w ago evadiva620 evadiva620

    Jesus Christ this is fucking sick

  • 31w ago suzyque_66 suzyque_66

    Sickening 💔

  • 31w ago _karina_b_nielsen _karina_b_nielsen

    Sick 😔😔

  • 31w ago sonya_13_07 sonya_13_07

    It's so brutal

  • 31w ago mdparis19 mdparis19


  • 31w ago ariana.casttro ariana.casttro

    How horrible! I do not understand this text ... are you in favor of such shit ?!

  • 31w ago tournesol242_ tournesol242_

    Why are humans like this?!?!? 😢

  • 31w ago koustuvdatta koustuvdatta

    Horrible and disgusting!

  • 31w ago boom_itsme boom_itsme

    In the name of God, they say. It can only be categorised as crime.

  • 31w ago tabithamm tabithamm


  • 31w ago stellaame stellaame

    What is wrong with those people?? Why?💔💔 #karma

  • 31w ago _sistermidnight_ _sistermidnight_

    What a waste of life ☹️

  • 31w ago ro.cci ro.cci


  • 31w ago universorubi universorubi

    The suffering shouldn't be a tradition in any culture!!!

  • 31w ago carolinjernstrom carolinjernstrom


  • 31w ago tea_cecelja tea_cecelja

    @wandering.rose_ don't compare humans with innocent sheeps

  • 31w ago digipippo digipippo

    Nothing to do here...really primitive in their religious rituals...anyway our rituals are not so evolved...

  • 31w ago ankitajollybeans ankitajollybeans


  • 31w ago marierosejoshua marierosejoshua

    Quelle horreur 💔💔💔

  • 31w ago poliliana poliliana

    😡😡😡💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭 so barbaric!! Stupid evil humans!!! Sacrifice yourselves!!! Animals don’t have a religion, leave them out of this nonsense😡

  • 31w ago hillspainted hillspainted

    @equinepainter religion has given nothing but stupidity

  • 31w ago doobiran doobiran

    Descend the future not the bloody past. PLS 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 31w ago badorreyconb badorreyconb


  • 25w ago sam_schroeder725 sam_schroeder725

    Crying and violently ill reading that short testimony and imagining what it must have been like witnessing that scene. With those unexpecting, trusting souls. Literally had to get up and walk away from the people around me. We live in hell. This earth is hell. Populated by human monsters. 💔

  • 25w ago sam_schroeder725 sam_schroeder725

    @ariana.casttro no not at all this account is documenting to spread awareness 💔

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