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In all my years working in the traditional healthcare system, I never learned how to take care of myself. I had no way to know how to access my energy level. I was never taught how to stop when I had overexerted myself. I had no way of knowing how to listen to my body. I wasn’t instructed on what to eat to fuel myself or how to be kind when another person might need it. I wasn’t even encouraged to be kind to myself when *I* might need it. I don’t think I ever heard the word “self-care.” Not one time.
Within just a few weeks of quitting my job, coming off my deadly drugs and opening myself up to alternative ways of healing, opportunities for cool jobs, perfect partners, inspiring friendships, and creative work flooded into my life. I quit my nine-to-five job unaffected: Less stressful work came to me before I even collected my last paycheck. I made friends who understood what I was going through. I took chances even though I wasn’t sure if they’d work out. People I’d always admired became my friends. I was honest and up front with everyone, and I no longer felt upset if people didn’t agree with me. I found natural solutions to not just some but *every* ailment I had ever taken pills for.
These remedies, mind-strengthening techniques, and methods worked not just to ease my pain, balance my moods, and cure my anxieties, they seriously saved my life. They saved me from the only life I had known for eleven years: Days upon days spent in doctor’s offices and desperately popping pills. With this new method, dozens of health problems were solved for me, sometimes overnight. I took my health and my life back one powerful, positive, proactive step at a time. The WILD Method can help you too! Learn all about Willingness, Intuition, Love and Discipline in my latest bestselling book #WILDHabits 🙌🏽💕 OUT NOW!


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