Instagram post by @mcsavisky Michael Savisky

Not sure why they call this thing a single stroller when it clearly fits three comfortably. #championmama #heavykids


  • 23w ago glenkrichards glenkrichards

    You could easily get two more in there.

  • 23w ago sarahliu627 sarahliu627

    Teach me your ways! Also are you guys in south side?

  • 23w ago ashleysavisky ashleysavisky

    @sarahliu627 we went to the Heinz History center for the first time ever! Have you been??

  • 23w ago doriasavisky doriasavisky


  • 23w ago sarahliu627 sarahliu627

    @ashleysavisky yes! It is so awesome for little kids! We went during Jubilee. And Luke just won 4 tickets at Arsenal’s end of school picnic. Let’s go together sometime!

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