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i’ve never been good at instagramming in the moment (much less at the “peak performance” times) so here is a midnight “later gram” of a
an open eyed pause at a 5 o’clock corner of what is a past present. .
which was exactly-then filled with months old typewriter poems
(another) glass of wine
afternoon sunbeams on old farmhouse floors
book 22 of 50 on the to-read list for the year
echoed calls on painted-over wall papered walls
and (another) pair of leather clogs haphazardly kicked off from a day of motion.
my first photography teacher, when i was 17, told me that i had an eye for the vernacular (in the way of architecture and interiors and the mundane, functional and domestic bits of living). i don’t know if this is what she meant but these are the things i most often see.


  • 27w ago lookforthewoman lookforthewoman

    Great shot! Love clogs, go to shoe.

  • 27w ago emilynicolaides emilynicolaides

    Wow so much reading! What’s your favorite book you’ve read so far this year?

  • 27w ago annie_and_sons annie_and_sons

    Just wondering if wooden clogs are comfortable?

  • 27w ago agirlnamedleney agirlnamedleney

    @annie_and_sons i like them! i mean i wouldn’t go walking marathons in them or anything-and there isn’t arch support... but i walk a lot so my feet have a lot of calluses haha. hey don’t have give though-obviously-so if you’re on the fence and really and truly need them for every day wear i would probably consider something else:)

  • 27w ago agirlnamedleney agirlnamedleney

    @emilynicolaides oh gosh that’s so hard! i’ve read a lot of good ones this year so far. i just finished Annie Dillard’s Tinker Creek (as seen here) but some other favorites probably are Solitude by Anthony Storr and The Shepherds Life by James Rebanks. you can look at my highlights “good reads” for a few others! i started sharing some on there but i haven’t in a while. maybe i need to get back to it.

  • 27w ago agirlnamedleney agirlnamedleney

    @lookforthewoman thanks Anita! definitely a clog lover myself. xo

  • 27w ago the.bronske.bears the.bronske.bears

    There is nothing better than finding beauty in the ordinary. 👐🏻

  • 27w ago emilynicolaides emilynicolaides

    @agirlnamedleney Can’t wait to check those out!

  • 27w ago halcyonvintage halcyonvintage

    Love the photo and guess what? I’m wearing clogs this very second. 😉

  • 26w ago the_vanlife_project the_vanlife_project


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