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Some Nagura from Takeda-san. The darker one will match my Ohira Tomae, and i can imagine the lighter, creamy ones will be even softer based on color. Not sure how fine they are or what they would be appropriate for yet.

I dont see much of this beautiful creamy color outside of Nakayama and Takashima. It could be my inexperience though. Its not like my various Takashima. More like my Nakayama. Either way will find out soon.



  • 32w ago caublestonecutlery caublestonecutlery

    Woooow these tan nagura are so soft and creamy. My new favorite nagura!!! I want these in bench stone!!!

  • 32w ago pilchermakes pilchermakes

    Are you buying all of these pieces of stone or finding them? It sounded like, in this post you may be in Japan. I think I'll need subtitles if you get any more stones...

  • 32w ago caublestonecutlery caublestonecutlery

    @pilchermakes apologies. No i do not live in Japan. Im just an enthusiast natural stones of Japan.

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