Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

“Never let your toast go naked / Or your bread go bare.../ Open up this Marmite jar and spread it Everywhere.”


  • 23w ago sharoniuks sharoniuks

    Marmite always has the best slogans / publicity. When I was little there was a series of advertisements with the theme tune “I hate maaaaaarmite”. And it just celebrated the fact that it’s a love it or hate it product. I genuinely do hate it though 🙈

  • 23w ago mbarnes1023 mbarnes1023

    Yum! I can eat it straight out of the jar. 😁😋

  • 23w ago benwenlim benwenlim

    I am firmly in the ‘daisuki’ camp! 😍

  • 23w ago konekochan247 konekochan247

    Nice slogan - but I have to confess I am not a fan of marmite. Tried it in Sydney, tried it in London, tried it in the states.- no matter which version, no matter where, it just doesn't make my taste buds happy.

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