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Chances are you have this wild edible green in your backyard right now and and it’s one of the most nutrient rich greens you can find. Lamb’s quarters,Chenopodium album, is sometimes referred to as wild spinach as it is an easy sub for spinach in any recipe. It grows pretty much anywhere and is easy to identify by its leaves that are shaped like a goose or duck foot, hence the Latin ‘Chenopodium’, and the white dusty look on the leaves. It is loaded with nutrients including Vitamin K(741.33% of the RDA), vitamin A(100.57%), vitamin C(74%), calcium (46.40%), protein (11.52%) and iron (15.75%) to name a few. It can be eaten raw in a salad or sandwich or be cooked as you would cook spinach . Go out and weed your garden and bring in greens for your next meal ! I topped these garden fresh greens with chive and wild rice fritters and a sprinkling of chive blossoms and oxalis flowers #lambsquarters #lambsquartersalad

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