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Every mama appreciates a little caffeine in her system. But, don’t just drink it! Benefit from coffee bean beauty. 💛

Tonight I am using @atharapure Moroccan coffee eye cream sold on @musely, to help me rejuvinate for the week ahead. Soothe, those tired hard working, strained eyes with a shot of java. Coffee has anti-inflammatory benefits which help reduce dark circles and puffiness - yellow faux awake! Plus, the antioxidant boost hydrate delicate mama-drama skin and fight wrinkles and fine lines. Drink your java, and leave some for your eyes.

PS check out @musely website and app. I’ll be sharing videos of my fav beauty muse finds, including this eye cream, with their audience. COMMENT: what do you do to brighten your eyes and reduce puffiness after a long week of mom life? 💛 #momsundayspanight #selfcaresunday #skincareroutine



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