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Text Orange to 644-33 and join in this important movement #guncontrol


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    @sarahahahahhahahaha same goes for you 😂😂

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    @princess_chloegmoretz spell check before you press send

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    @maysamkhanmohamad9 really starting sounding stupid after the word human

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    @devon_barnum1997 preach

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    Since gun control was introduced in Australia in 1992, there have been no mass shootings, zero school shootings. This is a fact. Gun control works. When will people wake up and realise so many innocent people have been killed for no reason, and demand action?

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    @stephen_howard72 you guys just had a shooting a couple weeks ago. Lol

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    @stephen_howard72 except that shootings in australian were already on a downwards trend before the buyback program. <and> usa simply isn't australia.

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    @stephen_howard72 just because gun control works in Australia doesn’t mean it will work in the US or other places. For example the UK has strict gun control and the crime rate is about 5x that of the US. Also, Chicago has the tightest gun control laws in the US and is the most dangerous city. It’s great that gun control works in you country, but I don’t think the solution is as simple here.

  • 11w ago just_in_anarchy just_in_anarchy

    @stephen_howard72 but... That's false? A quick Google search will show you...

  • 11w ago just_in_anarchy just_in_anarchy

    How will more gun laws work if people don't follow them now?😂😂

  • 11w ago stephen_howard72 stephen_howard72

    @nickyveilvp I'm Australian. There have been no school shootings ever. How many school shootings have occurred in America? Gun control isn't about taking away people's guns, I'm pretty sure it's about more background checks, to make sure mentally unbalanced people can't get their hands on semi auto weapons.

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    @stephen_howard72 oh, so now we're talking only about school shootings, not mass shootings?

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    @stephen_howard72 May 11th, 2018. School shooting. 4 dead. Try again.

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    @nickyveilvp your sources are wrong. 2002, Monash university. 2 killed. A one off. It wasn't a School. A university. How many actual school shootings have happened in America in the past 6 months or so? 34? Or so. Australia has no regular mass shootings, no highschool, or primary school has had any mass shootings occur. Gun control works here. America should learn from Australia. I can walk down any street in any city, and not worried about getting shot. Can anyone in America say the same? America is a violent, dangerous place. No one can say America is a safe place. A university in Australia is not a School, primary or highschool. I stand partially corrected. It is something so rate for any kind of shooting here, that it didn't get much of a mention. The Mandalay Bay shooting, how many were killed? No one has gone on a shooting spree like that here. Why, because cool heads, a government that works, no NRA, common sense, all make sure gun control is effective. I feel safe walking around here. Can everyone in America say they feel safe walking down a street at night? No one gets shot here walking down a street

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    Gun control make sure our country is safe chloe ok

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    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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    @stephen_howard72 its about taking away guns. Check out the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Britain, Australia, the list goes on.

  • 3w ago stephen_howard72 stephen_howard72

    @nickyveilvp number of school shootings here, none! And the old argument about gun related homicide won't work. If you compare the homicide rate of America to here, America is higher. It's not about taking away people's guns, I have no idea why people are confused about that.

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    @stephen_howard72 and where is "here"?

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    But you never wear orange?😂#Fail

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    آمریکای جنایتکار کوس مشنگ،این قانون حمل اسلحه آزاد،رو نداشت الان بهشت بود،مراقب باسنت باش سوراخش نکنن 😁😂

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    @chloegmoretz I love that you support taking guns away from law abiding people who need them to protect themselves but made Yoder first million playing a tween that kills people

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