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From the shores of Southern California’s troubled Salton Sea.

As farmers let their fields go fallow in order to sell water to nearby towns, there is now limited agricultural runoff feeding into California's distressed Salton Sea. This decrease in the water supply was exacerbated by last year’s extreme drought conditions in California, leading to serious concerns about the lake's increasing salinity.
The seashore has receded significantly. The fish in the Salton Sea have been nearly wiped out due to oxygen-depleted waters. Massive fish die-offs struck for years with an estimate of 7 million (!!!) fish dying on a single hot day in August of 1999. Then the shoreline was littered with millions of dead fish which eventually rotted away.

Today the white shore of the Salton Sea is made up of a mixture dead barnacles, pulverized fish bones and some real sand.

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    I live a few miles from here. 😪 pretty awesome to see some of your work covering an area that hits so close to home 😊

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    Been there and was attacked by thousands of flies. Smelled like shit, the whole place.

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    Hey everyone! I just created this account. Need your support. Can you please follow me if you like photography?😊

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    7,000,000!!!!!!!!! In ONE day!!!!!! Apart from the horrifying cost to fish and other aquatic life as well as to migratory birds, aren’t we now at risk of poisoning the air we breathe as the water disappears leaving dried residue from agricultural chemical run-off residue that is then scattered by wind?

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    Splendid! Unusual and unexpected colour combination😮👍

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    @k.r.elam yes, air quality is horrible. It smells like ammonia during the summer. It’s awful.

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    I used to live 1/2 a mile from the shore on the west shores of the sea. The sunrises are AMAZING! I would go running along the shore thru those dried barnacles and fish bones. It’s an incredible workout because you would sink about 6” into it. I miss it so much. What I don’t miss is the flies and the smell of ammonia mixed with boiled eggs in the summer.

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    And then Climate Change doesn't exist, or so said mr President....

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    Amazing! 👍😍

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    On the way to East Jesus...

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    @flotakesphotos I love stories about Salton Sea.

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    My favorite place in the world 💙 Thank you for presenting accurate information of our beautiful Sea

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    @tonyahardway Read!

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    So gorgeous.

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    Since the Sea was created by a manmade accident (shoddy irrigation from the Colorado River), is there a contingent of people who would like to see the area reclaimed by the original desert? This sort of discussion has been a subject of division in the Sacramento River Delta, which some environmentalists want to revert from agricultural land to wetlands.

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    So beautiful

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    My favorite place in the world.Thank you for sharing 💙

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