Instagram post by @msej2010 Erin Johnson

First day at my new job totally rocked. I’m so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to learn all there is to producing.


  • 11w ago waynespierce waynespierce

    Where are you working?

  • 11w ago chazemmert chazemmert

    Congrats’ - you are going to do great!

  • 11w ago blake01nyc blake01nyc

    Congrats.. your hard work will be rewarded! All the best👍

  • 11w ago cjmaster33 cjmaster33

    Congratulations on your first day at a new job it was a pleasure meeting you at the Millenium bar

  • 11w ago msej2010 msej2010

    @cjmaster33 thank you. I’ll be sure to come by the bar again when I’m in town

  • 11w ago cjmaster33 cjmaster33

    @msej2010 well make sure it's not in July I'm leaving town for the entire month to visit three different states for the summer

  • 10w ago cosplay_karma_ cosplay_karma_

    JESUS, how awesome is that?


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