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.@KimKardashian meeting with @realDonaldTrump was a brilliant masterstroke.
Glam meets wham 💥
But just when you thought the scum-sucking, bottom-feeding wretches in the 'press' couldn't go any lower.
This is beyond vile.


  • 34w ago soselah soselah

    @_the_theocrat_ haha I thought the same! 😂

  • 34w ago einic73 einic73

    @rangerg83 No, she isn't. Trump had one of her sisters on The Apprentice back in the day. That's where the connection comes from. You can't honestly believe that those bimbos have any interest in a topic as unglamorous as prison reform. It's a photo opportunity, that's all.

  • 34w ago circusrider circusrider

    The press would be praising her if she were meeting with (fill in the liberal name).

  • 34w ago jennifermarycolamaria jennifermarycolamaria

    Smile kim

  • 33w ago lola_bure lola_bure

    The headline is vile. The New York Compost, belongs in a compost pile.

  • 33w ago the_real_noone the_real_noone

    @einic73 she knows nothing. But you missed the point of what I was saying... but @rangerg83 got it

  • 33w ago haywood412 haywood412

    Pathetic Times

  • 33w ago jennieeeeeeenbeeeaaann jennieeeeeeenbeeeaaann

    @joshua_dozortsev exactly journalism is dead

  • 33w ago jennieeeeeeenbeeeaaann jennieeeeeeenbeeeaaann

    Talk about when they go low we go high . The liberals have destroyed any shred of decency or value in their political party

  • 33w ago wkmccoy66 wkmccoy66

    Sexist..hahaha..trump and the rump...why anyone would pivot to taking her serious..even though her face is pretty her body is not...she is just a dingbat on parade...a few detailed quesrions would probably shred her..but what is the point..she is like the girl in a bikini next to a car...she is there for the car...simple basic marketing...funny

  • 33w ago dubarry1 dubarry1

    Hysterical. Gotta hand it to The Post.

  • 33w ago dbaker3121 dbaker3121

    How despicable! Who reads that rag.

  • 33w ago angelageemarie angelageemarie

    Our president is amazing . The only man that can take so much abuse and keeps fighting for us🇺🇸

  • 33w ago steven.iverson steven.iverson

    I bet Bill Clinton is jealous.

  • 33w ago troygthre troygthre

    This is so different than Clooney, Oprah, Pitt, among others that pitched to Obama, right?

  • 33w ago yankeesista5 yankeesista5

    @confusingtheungodly I like that!

  • 33w ago lestat01265 lestat01265


  • 33w ago lorrainelmccullough lorrainelmccullough

    This is beyond Ironic, why is she even there? Serves what purpose to the Jail system? Huh?

  • 33w ago _the_theocrat_ _the_theocrat_

    @soselah Haha✊🏼😎

  • 33w ago deenoose deenoose

    I thought this was a newspaper, guess it’s turned into fish wrap and trash rag.

  • 33w ago tonyjohnson_64 tonyjohnson_64

    It's just satire.. made for a chuckle..

  • 33w ago justin4ianza justin4ianza

    The post has reached a new low with headlines. Who signs off on this non-sense?

  • 33w ago jcheckan jcheckan

    So sad that she is targeted for abuse

  • 33w ago therealkellycarlson therealkellycarlson

    Is this real?🤭

  • 33w ago edrodriguez1000 edrodriguez1000

    @einic73 she hasn’t presented herself as an “expert on prison reform.” She has been studying the case of one woman who appears, by the evidence, to have been vastly oversentenced on a drug charge as some many people of color were during the Clinton Days of Oppression. #readingisfundamental ##themoreyouknow ###trollscantread

  • 33w ago johnmichael1964 johnmichael1964

    What a pity. How low will they go? Isn’t anybody immune to this sort low ridiculous treatment. I hope this serves to open the eyes of the independent voters and they come out in groves to vote for the candidates who support @realdonaldtrump

  • 33w ago einic73 einic73

    @edrodriguez1000 The woman you are referring to was involved in smuggling literature tons of cocaine. That is a pretty severe crime in my book. Also consider that Trump is supposed to take on the current opioid epidemic. How would that make any sense?

  • 33w ago drzoeg drzoeg

    Utterly vile is the word!!!

  • 33w ago thesusanolsen thesusanolsen

    There is no limit to how low these bottom feeders will go.

  • 33w ago bender.bobby bender.bobby

    Big ass smile on his face.👍

  • 33w ago

    The woman she wants freed lead a huge drug ring smuggling tons of cocaine intoo the country. Is that what you call a first time dru offense?

  • 33w ago electronicdancemusiclover electronicdancemusiclover

    Wowww did not expect that

  • 33w ago hesselspeter hesselspeter

    That's funny

  • 33w ago gilbert.evans gilbert.evans

    Beyond awful. I love this visit. Such a good cause.

  • 32w ago flockdiane flockdiane

    There is no doubt in my mind that we need prison reform! We don’t need to keep people in jail to pay the correction officers salaries!

  • 31w ago angellokz38 angellokz38

    @einic73 why would she need a photo opportunity? She’s already famous as fuck, any little thing she does and the paparazzi are all over it so u don’t make any sense

  • 31w ago einic73 einic73

    @angelamavisca Because unlike reality TV and porn tapes, a picture taken at the White House has an air of respectability about it. That type of vanity tends to develop with age.

  • 31w ago angellokz38 angellokz38

    @einic73 Yea because everyone respects trump right? 😂😂😂😂sure she did it for an air of respectability if u say so, honestly I think u just don’t like her for whatever reason

  • 31w ago einic73 einic73

    @angelamavisca it's less about the current president than about the prestigious piece of real estate that he lives at these days. The Oval Office remains as revered as ever, in spite of Bill Clinton defiling Monica Lewinsky's privates in that very room.

  • 31w ago angellokz38 angellokz38

    @einic73 that’s why Madonna said she wanted to blow it up and no one even cared right? Anyways I’m not a huge fan of Kim either but I respect her for at least having a dialogue with our president, and u can’t compare her with hogg cause that idiot wants to take our 2nd amendment rights and all Kim did was get a woman pardoned

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