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Haarlem, Netherlands


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    I look stoned and my mouth,sad face my lips.

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    So killer!!

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    All the black is really white, if u believe it.

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    Once upon a time there was a personality. Some considered her Dark, others - Light. Everything depended on the lighting.

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    @scottwormell I just can’t.... grre

  • 4w ago scottwormell scottwormell

    But ohGr is at the Agora in September!!!

  • 4w ago scottwormell scottwormell

    @daria_barovskaia and make up applicationzzzzz

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    hope you are deserve it!!! everything will be fine...i'm sure!!.have a good night🤗🤘🤘🤘

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    Please let me meet you at the crossroads cause I will crossover I want to be in the 27 club I will Sacrifice my soul to you please dm if you can take another soul I have nothing to loose and willing to die for you 👁
    My birthday is July 27,2000 and i will be 27 July 27,2027 and that’s when I want to die for you please dm i have nothing to loose

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    💖 the best @marilynmanson

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  • 3w ago margarita_ildutova margarita_ildutova

    👑💖... MM...

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    One side is before summer vacation, the other side is after summer vacation. ..

  • 2w ago pougbila pougbila

    tu es qui tu es sur que tu peut changer ma vie avant de mourir pere

  • 2w ago pougbila pougbila

    tu es qui tu es sur que tu peut changer ma vie avant de mourir pere

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    wish I was there...

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    Very beautiful 🤘🤘🤘

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    Have they got any new make up artists? I see make up artists all about, i was quite sure there used to be alot of make up artists at marilyn manson concerts.

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    Ah ouais t'étais jeune à cette époque. J'ai pas connu.


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