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  • 27w ago sircoolhoops sircoolhoops

    Wow that VLI vs HLI and you brought the horizontal hoop around your body!!!! How!!!!

  • 27w ago sircoolhoops sircoolhoops

    I think I saw how! Its sort of like adding a headtracer to the horizontal hoop! 💕 so beautiful and artfully executed

  • 27w ago hothoopdancemama hothoopdancemama

    @sircoolhoops yes over the head tracer. You can also do a donut shape. I’ll tag you in video. 😘

  • 27w ago shell1246 shell1246

    What is the move called that you do, where you bring both hoops in front of you to do what looks life a 3 beat weave,but in the front. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it good lol

  • 27w ago hothoopdancemama hothoopdancemama

    @shell1246 double smear weave. I’ll message you the tut. 😘❤️

  • 27w ago ann.xiety_pbm ann.xiety_pbm

    Killing it! 💖

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  • 23w ago hothoopdancemama hothoopdancemama

    @tessaflowfree 😘❤️

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