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  • 33w ago kaahoe kaahoe


  • 33w ago larajaleria larajaleria

    Love you forever, Anna!! 💖💖

  • 33w ago vnessaluu vnessaluu


  • 33w ago evajbryant evajbryant

    So happy you’re back Anna, you were missed! 💗 I wish you nothing but good health and happiness always ✨

  • 33w ago fafe06 fafe06

    This is beautiful

  • 33w ago fafe06 fafe06

    This is beautiful

  • 33w ago fafe06 fafe06

    This is beautiful

  • 33w ago marwareb marwareb

    So good to see you posting pictures!!! You are truly such an inspiration to me 🌸🌸🌸

  • 33w ago yenuf yenuf

    Lu kenape si Anna? Curhatin aje na woless

  • 33w ago hansux hansux

    love this!

  • 33w ago darafeller darafeller

    Missed you

  • 33w ago wildvagabondss wildvagabondss


  • 33w ago dgangeline dgangeline

    Each day that you post is an extra good day for me 😭

  • 33w ago sandriespaarza sandriespaarza

    I love uuuuuuuuuuu

  • 33w ago iliketravelll iliketravelll

    Really really really good to see you back welcome back 😊

  • 33w ago marietdk marietdk

    love this pic and makes me so happy that u are back on the gram

  • 33w ago romyhyn romyhyn

    Always perf🦄☄

  • 33w ago covenevoc covenevoc

    You have no idea how happy I am to see that you are back love! I was constantly just checking up if you will ever come back, I reminded myself that you are a human being and you so have a life outside too. I checked just like that I what did I see? 3 new posts!!! I screamed hahah! I hope that you are feeling way way better. I love you. Stay strong and thank you for being here for us, just like we are for you! 💜

  • 33w ago lillyxbeier lillyxbeier

    sheee's back ❤ @fairyshape

  • 33w ago verdraaide verdraaide


  • 33w ago lindaitzeld lindaitzeld

    What kind of camera do you use?

  • 33w ago tristful.spirit tristful.spirit

    I'm so happy you're back❤️Instagram is nothing w/o you😭

  • 33w ago elegorg elegorg


  • 33w ago travelingarchitect travelingarchitect

    The actual queen of instagram😻

  • 33w ago jllbbyxx jllbbyxx

    I miss you

  • 33w ago soulbery soulbery

    You'll never lose the creativity when taking pictures

  • 33w ago taniathomas_ taniathomas_

    Hey Anna, idk if u remembered but my insta used to be called Lightsoul. I’m sooo happy ur back gurll✨💕

  • 33w ago juliasudol juliasudol

    oo cool

  • 33w ago lienezinkevica lienezinkevica


  • 33w ago youngcutapie youngcutapie

    The picture is pretty 💖💖 thank you for coming back !

  • 33w ago marco_montaldo marco_montaldo

    So pretty 😍✨

  • 33w ago thaymoretti thaymoretti

    never stop following because you’re full of light girl! glad you’re back ❤️

  • 33w ago soorindesu soorindesu

    Love you from Japan❤️

  • 33w ago max.gbz max.gbz

    love it

  • 33w ago caro_baens caro_baens

    THIS ❤️❤️❤️

  • 33w ago holaconstanza holaconstanza

    Omg she is back 😭 @johanna_scheuschner

  • 33w ago flevrs flevrs

    LOVE U

  • 32w ago erik erik


  • 32w ago evalynnia evalynnia

    Keep going ,love it ☘

  • 29w ago daneiri_ daneiri_

    U're my queen ❤❤ iloveu so fucking muuch

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