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I think I can feel a new hobby coming on.. 🤗
I bought the bright teal and orange fabrics because I wanted to make some dungarees, but then thought I might either end up looking like a) a children’s tv presenter or b) a prisoner from Orange is the New Black!
So I experimented dyeing the fabrics with tea - the orange to aim for a more rusty colour and the teal just to see what would happen. I thought they just ended up looking a bit grubby, so I treated myself to a book full of new ideas (and instructions how to actually do it properly) 😊
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  • 42w ago thommalley thommalley

    This book looks awesome, I tried dying a shirt with turmeric but it looked awful! I have a couple packs of indigo I’m super excited to try out at some point. X

  • 41w ago madametreacle madametreacle

    This looks great - you can dye wool too! x

  • 41w ago fayeperriamreed fayeperriamreed

    @madametreacle don’t even get me started on that! 🤗🤗🤗

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