Instagram post by @brucethedriver Bruce Miller

Peace My Son.
Rashon. I want the world to know that I rest easily at night, and I travel the cities of America during the day with a smile on my face, and not a fear in my heart. Because I know you are by my side. And that you have been trained by the most powerful Military ever known on this planet to protect me.
No weapon ever formed against me will ever prosper as long as you are on this Planet.
I don't know what kind of Machine Gun that is you holding. and with all my vehicle knowledge I don't know nothing about those Tanks and HumV's in the background.
I do know that you have Medals for expert Marksman ship, and have been trained to remain calm, and handle any type of confrontation.
Happy Memorial day.
Thank you for your service. #USArmy #HappyMemorialDay #ThankYouForYourService


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