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Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might live free 🇺🇸🇺🇸💋💋


  • 11w ago emeraldfalcon37 emeraldfalcon37

    Love You Pam! I believe in all of your work, especially so over memorial day.

  • 10w ago donbrunk donbrunk

    Lovely Lady‼️

  • 10w ago menardvtx menardvtx

    @ellenslivinghealthy7458: nope. just sayin' who i am, # 1, i don't like critical people who enjoy cutting down other people. period. look away if something bothers you & keep your foul mouth shut. life is too short t/b mean.

  • 10w ago cali_sights_and_eateries cali_sights_and_eateries


  • 10w ago menardvtx menardvtx

    @cason_eng: she's a babe, & works to keep america safe, & all you can fo is criticize? you & ellen must be siblings?

  • 10w ago menardvtx menardvtx

    @tammy.venezia: i know. lotsa sexually frigid, uptight men & women in our beloved country. all they need t/do is look away.

  • 10w ago menardvtx menardvtx

    @davefisher1886: ohh nooo. another dipshit.

  • 10w ago menardvtx menardvtx

    @daynameserve: she is modest. your eyes can avert if you prefer

  • 10w ago menardvtx menardvtx

    pam rocks! thanx pam♥

  • 10w ago marvin2day marvin2day

    Praying for you Pamela. You are blessed by the Lord. Fearlessly carry on your work.

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  • 10w ago shepmj shepmj

    Time to ban political correctness and return to Common Sense eliminating progressive measures, such as Common Core and other Communistic education policies.
    Republicans have coalesed with Democrats forming the two faction Party of One demopublican elephasses. Why do true Constitutional Conservatives continue to support a party that refuses listen to the People?
    Consider Michigan's Constitution Party and the
    USTPM is seeking true Constitutional Conservatives to campaign for local, State, National offices. We have a lot to accomplish in order to Restore America to Founding Principles. Next meeting is June 23, 2018 at the Delhi Cafe in Holt 10am.

  • 10w ago shepmj shepmj

    Please, SHARE with others:
    Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
    We Live in the Land of Free because of the Brave
    Because they went so far and near, to our Veterans we hold so dear
    Patrick Henry shouted, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”
    --The Fight for Freedom began
    God granted us the Rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
    When on July 4th of 1776, in a Patriotic Land, Americans took a Stand
    With an Independence Declaration, America became a Free Nation
    --The Fight for Freedom continued
    George Washington led the Fight, inspiring many along the way
    From Lexington to Bunker Hill , they would fight for another day
    Even though in despair, Washington crossed the Delaware --The Fight for Freedom must go on
    From battles in Bennington, Saratoga, Savana, and Charleston
    Through courage they would persevere, as the Victory was so clear
    With the British in Yorktown on a dare, Freedom they would declare
    --The Fight for Freedom was recalled
    We were battled and torn, yet The Star-Spangled Banner was born
    As written by Francis Scott Key, we achieved Victory,
    “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
    And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”
    --The Fight for Freedom must remain
    Here at home and far away, battles were fought and Freedom sought
    When America needed a courageous edge, our Veterans took the Pledge
    We shall protect our Freedom from all enemies foreign and domestic
    --The Fight for Freedom has cost much
    We have sacrificed our own, for Liberty and Freedom the price has sown
    All have given some and some have given All
    Remember our Veterans who would not let Freedom fall
    Take not too lightly the Freedom for which you crave
    For we live in the Land of the Free because of the Brave
    May God Help Preserve our Liberty—Matthew Shepard, Perry, MI
    Written on the dawn of Veterans’ Day, Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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  • 10w ago crismafire crismafire

    A lovely lady. Very classy and graceful. We will never forget

  • 10w ago jamyers2k jamyers2k

    Stunning beauty and boundless courage = The Total Package

  • 10w ago jeriel_jeremiah jeriel_jeremiah

    You seem to be the full manifestation of the Proverbs 31 woman.

  • 10w ago ellenslivinghealthy7458 ellenslivinghealthy7458

    @menardvtx Then stop criticizing me, lol.

  • 10w ago blueiiii50 blueiiii50

    Lovely dress.

  • 10w ago l_picciano l_picciano

    Amen 🇺🇸

  • 10w ago menardvtx menardvtx

    @ellenslivinghealthy7458: then stop criticizing pam.

  • 10w ago danielgie47 danielgie47


  • 10w ago lorena.ashcroft lorena.ashcroft

    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed on the stories MSM doesnt or won't cover

  • 10w ago writermyst writermyst

    You look great! You’re smart and beautiful. 💗

  • 10w ago writermyst writermyst

    @snoopymulberry Mean and unnecessary comment. She looks great and she’s smart!

  • 10w ago wondering1967 wondering1967


  • 10w ago snoopymulberry snoopymulberry

    @writermyst she is I love her

  • 10w ago snoopymulberry snoopymulberry

    @ellenslivinghealthy7458 why are you slut shaming her. She looks classy and is an intellectual

  • 10w ago snoopymulberry snoopymulberry

    @writermyst I praised her didn’t say anything mean

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  • 10w ago pipespat pipespat

    You are so beautiful...and a great professional. Have a delightful day.

  • 10w ago ellenslivinghealthy7458 ellenslivinghealthy7458

    @cason_eng agree

  • 10w ago jathomasslp1 jathomasslp1

    Good grief Pamala!

  • 10w ago master_doyle master_doyle

    lady of my dreams

  • 9w ago pack.lou pack.lou

    @ellenslivinghealthy7458 well, please do not ever try yourself to enjoy your feminism side for it would not work for you. Now Pam she can do as she wishes and can look nice while doing it.

  • 1w ago noislamization noislamization

    Beauty and brains....What a combo.


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