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28 May 2015.. the date marked the Formal Coronation of Sri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar Avaru.
That was by no means a small event.
There has truly been no looking back, since then.
His Highness Sri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar Avaru had rather large shoes to fit into, but through His earnest and constant efforts backed by the able guidance and firm belief of Her Highness The Rajamata Pramoda Devi Wadiyar Avaru and the blessings of the Holy Mother on the Hills, His Highness has been largely successful in his efforts.
In this period of three years, His Highness has already proven to command the popularity and general goodwill that His predecessors have always had from the public.
His Highness has ably used the support of social media to ensure He is always within the reach of the gen-next, and as a result has won a new generation of followers for the Royal Family.
It is seen in two years how His Highness leading the customs and heritage that He serves as a head, one can rest assured that His tenure will also prove to be an important chapter in the history of Mysore.
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  • 24w ago supriyaahh supriyaahh


  • 24w ago guru_bn guru_bn

    We stand by you Your Highness. We are truly proud of you. Neevu heege chirakaala Namma naadanna kaapaadabeku antha a Chamudeshwari yallu, Melukoteya Cheluvanarayana haagu Yadugiri Taayi Lakshmi yallu naaanu prartisuttene.

  • 24w ago sagarsmangotree sagarsmangotree

    Congrats! good old secret twin conquering souls of india!.. aham brahmasmi

  • 24w ago lakben21 lakben21

    We are proud of you your Highness. Taayi chamundeshwari nimmella olleya kelasa kaaryagalannu maadalu shakti kodali endurance prartisuttene Jayavaagali.

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