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What a day! That ☀️ was BRUTAL and every climb felt like Satan’s breath blowing hot kisses on our foreheads. I couldn’t bear the thought of being grumpy dad tonight and tomorrow for the chill weekend with my family so I opted for the ‘sane’ option of the 77 mile route. Still hurt. A lot. But we lived to tell the tale. And @camelbak - your insulation is insanely good as in frozen bladder for over 5 hours insane. Did the bladder material change? How did it stay frozen in 100 degree temps? 🧐


  • 28w ago jonfive jonfive

    the frozen bladder makes no sense, but it saved the day for me

  • 28w ago thebonebell thebonebell

    @jonfive I am truly mystified as I am grateful we all benefitted from it!

  • 28w ago jgroen2014 jgroen2014

    Sounds terribly familiar to RPM circa 2015.

  • 28w ago thebonebell thebonebell

    @jgroen2014 oddly that was worse - there was humidity involved. This was reminiscent of GMC ‘14.

  • 28w ago bikelinc bikelinc

    I froze my bladder too!

  • 28w ago jgroen2014 jgroen2014

    @thebonebell Oy. Another one in the hot hall of fame rides. Serious sizzlers. I raced that one in a loaner long sleeve thermal top from NCC.

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