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The Duality of the Psyche. First #rightlefthemisphere drawing #righthand #righteye #lefthand #lefteye #duality #psyche 1979


  • 28w ago riblaggy riblaggy

    Put some damn pants on

  • 28w ago riblaggy riblaggy

    Or at least wear a hat...

  • 28w ago allenmhirsch allenmhirsch

    @riblaggy I ran out of English Leather

  • 28w ago pragerart pragerart

    On another note- does this mean you drew the left figure with your left hand and left eye, and the right figure the reverse? Doesn’t look like it, but I love the idea (and the drawing!)

  • 28w ago allenmhirsch allenmhirsch

    @pragerart yes. That was the experiment and I was shocked how clearly it brought out the division of my selves.

  • 16w ago kithebrewster kithebrewster


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