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It's a smoothie! It's a lassi! (Kinda) It's all sunshine-y, refreshing and boosted with good fats, collagen, turmeric and secret oomph-juice!
It's my Sour Mango Smoothie aaaaaand you're gonna want to make a few this summer! (Yes, I know it's not summer, but it feels like it this weekend, so I'm going with it.)
I’m pretty sure this is the first smoothie to ever make its way onto the site, because honestly, it took me a long time to come around to this whole drinkable-food thing. That and the fact that for a long time, I associated smoothies and juices with being meal replacements, which I studiously avoid as someone with a propensity towards trying to out-diet myself.
These days I give zero fucks about calories, macros or self flagellation, so I’m down with the delicious smoothie game. And this one is a keeper! It's sweet, it's sour, it's creamy, it's got a hint of salt and it's perfect for staying hydrated in the sun. Someone bring me another! #operationbemoreme
Snag the recipe here 👉 (clickable link in profile) #meatified
And if you're looking for a great guide to smarter smoothies, I highly recommend my girl Beth @tastyyummies guide over on her site 👊🏻
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  • 29w ago foodbymars foodbymars


  • 29w ago meatified meatified

    @foodbymars thank you, lovely!

  • 29w ago tastyyummies tastyyummies

    Ahhhhh this is such a stunner. And thank you loads for throwing some love to my smarter smoothies post. You’re the best.

  • 29w ago leconanne leconanne

    I will take this now, please

  • 29w ago

    Ooh! I don't often fo smoothies, but this looks too good to pass up.

  • 29w ago meatified meatified

    @tastyyummies you’re so welcome - I love that post and recommend it aaaaaall the time! 💕

  • 29w ago oceanallie oceanallie

    Isn't the Land of No Fucks to Be Given fantastic? I spent far too much time recently forgetting about my happy place. Continued blessings on #operationbemoreme!

  • 27w ago olgazapisek olgazapisek

    Such a great drink for summertime! It’s super energizing.

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