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This week was for some reason especially difficult with very mouthy backtalky children. Is it the planetary alignment or just the impending doom of summer? Hard to tell but anyhow I’m sharing some of my favorite tools here with you. If you have tips for dealing with sassy kids pls do share them for this sad parent at the end of her rope. The black scissors are the very affordable wide bow scissors by Merchant and Mills. The suede pads are like sticker thimbles from amazon they are called Thimble pads. I use them on my middle finger. The questionable small rubber item is a finger cot that I wear of my index finger to pull the needle out easily. Hope your holiday weekend is off to a good start. #merchantandmills #thimblepad #fingercots #alabamachanin #alabama #alabamachanindiy #handsewn #applique


  • 7w ago gnatspan gnatspan

    Go to to a hotel all by yourself for the long weekend 😁

  • 7w ago hilliquilts hilliquilts

    It's a phase; it won't last. They adore you 💐❤️❤️❤️🌹

  • 7w ago katzfire katzfire

    It wasn’t the best way to handle it, I’m sure, but on many occasions I asked them “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?!” 🤣

  • 7w ago katzfire katzfire

    This was the teenage years.

  • 7w ago kitt_bo kitt_bo

    I cut the top and bottom off a finger cot so it's just a wide band of rubber around my finger. Much more comfortable / less sweaty.

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @gnatspan I’ll confess that thought totally crossed my mind. If I didn’t have plans with family friends to look forward to I might have gone for it! A spa sounds good right about now

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @hilliquilts so mouthy!!! 👿 sigh...

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @katzfire lol!!! Love that. Totally adding that to my repertoire!!!👏

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @katzfire I’m still only in tweenhood believe it or not. 13 is coming soon 😱

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    I’ve never tried that. Wow. What an awesome idea!!

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @kitt_bo I tried it and it was pretty cool cut out!

  • 7w ago dejaluxe dejaluxe

    When my kids got too pushy, I would say, ’are you asking, or telling?’ which usually re-framed demands back into requests 😉. Good luck!

  • 7w ago camillajanesays camillajanesays

    Lock them outside and stop feeding them, and report their"cellular devices" lost/stolen.

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @dejaluxe thanks for the tip. I like this idea!!

  • 7w ago amanda_thon amanda_thon

    Duck Tape? Ha ha ha...

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @amanda_thon lololol!!

  • 7w ago chartzell46 chartzell46

    My daughter is 11 and I have had the same exact problem for 2 days now. I removed every single electronic from her use. I made her read and Would not even reply to her smart a** remarks. I didn't cater to her every need, just let her do things herself, except for any dangerous hazards. Lol It seems to be working. I am sure it is just a phase.

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @chartzell46 glad that I’m. It alone in this tween parenting challenge! 🤪

  • 7w ago katzfire katzfire

    @camillajanesays I used to put a post it note on the game system with the day it could be turned on again. I knew either one would tell on the other if it was violated.

  • 7w ago katzfire katzfire

    Another good tactic is to have a great dessert, but only for people who know how to be nice. 😬

  • 7w ago lorena_in_syd lorena_in_syd

    I can’t imagine your offspring being rude to you? The only solace I can offer is that rebellion against parental figures is a vital step towards independence? I remember reading that once...

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @katzfire love that one !

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @lorena_in_syd ah so true. Sigh

  • 7w ago laurie3.14 laurie3.14

    This time of year kids are exhausted from school and they are taking it out on you. Also it might be their ages because they do go thru stages. Put on your observer hat and don't take anything personally. Praise the good and ignore the bad. If you need extra help "Your Defiant Child" by Russell Barkley is excellent but my hunch is your problem is more minor than that.

  • 7w ago quiltotaku quiltotaku

    @laurie3.14 I think you’re right about the end of school making them tired. They seem to be a bit more normal after a couple days of screen timeouts. We are back to our regularly scheduled program I think! Thanks for the book idea though. I may need it someday soon

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