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This says HE but it’s not just men it’s women as well!!See a Narcissist must constantly be moving at all times like a Great white shark must move its entire life. Whether that mean preoccupying their time with work, music, social media, substances like alcohol a steady romantic partners…. I mean victims, or going out to night clubs or bars or at a gym. If the Narcissist sits idle for too long it allows them too much time for self reflection which must be avoided at all costs! To self reflect would make them have to face their true inner self/wounded inner child and would cause them not only a severe Narcissistic injury but will cause them to suffer from depression and severe anxiety to see the counterfeit selves they really are!!! #WOW #Isee #narcissist #scary #weallthatoneperson #narcissist #narc #narcissistic #narcissistredflag #weallknowone #staywoke #stayaway #fuckthat


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