Instagram post by @_re_art Reyhane Shahrabi

Have you ever felt chained in time?
So that it gets worse for you at any moment?
It means you feel the time passes
and feel that every piece of you
is floating at a time!
How much can it be like delusions!
It's a feeling that you get caught up
and it's not possible to emancipate!
Like a deep,
and incomprehensible illusion!
The feeling I experience these days
and I do not know why!
I only know
that I'm getting stuck
in the most wrong time and place!
پ.ن: سعي كنين شبا بخوابين چون شب بيداري و بيخوابي چيزي جز هذيان نوشت در پس نخواهد داشت🤞🏼😃
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