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Amazing friends! before I even had a chance to formally announce the restock of my map for @gathre, they had sold out! I can’t even believe it. I’m thrilled to be thinking of all wanderlust that will be going on in your homes, classrooms or even on the go with you. We are taking Atticus, our 12 yr old, to NYC for the first time (well since he was 18 mo) next month and I can hardly wait! What are your suggestions for kids in NYC? (Oh and if you missed out, don’t stress, another restock will be coming). #mermagxgathre


  • 17w ago stelunastar stelunastar

    No lie, I cried when my order went through yesterday morning. #blameitonthehormones 🤰

  • 17w ago brookebschultz brookebschultz

    Sad I didn't get my hands on one before they sold out 😭but NYC will be amazing! When are you going? We'll be there beginning of June! Have you been before?

  • 17w ago sofialareau sofialareau


  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @stelunastar I love it! I can def relate. I hope you love it 💕😘

  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @brookebschultz we’re so excited we’ll be there end of June. Jon and I lived there for three years right after we got married but we haven’t taken our kids back since they were babes so we’re really excited. (Oh and more maps coming. Put your email on the waiting list and you’ll for sure get one next time 😘❤️)

  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @sofialareau 😘

  • 17w ago mother.of.daughters_ mother.of.daughters_

    When will restock be? 😭

  • 17w ago samantha.tavino samantha.tavino

    My favorite city!!! And company @gathre ☺️

  • 17w ago simplyradiant simplyradiant

    We're in NYC with the kids right now

  • 17w ago mipjane mipjane

    We will be there next month too 😊 rowing boats in Central Park, hitting the Strand Bookstore, the Natural History Museum, the CMA, City Bakery, etc...

  • 17w ago smick_27 smick_27

    Have sent a PM x

  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @mipjane yay!!!

  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @simplyradiant oh awesome! I’ll hit you up for tips when u get back

  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @stavino6 agreed!! ❤️❤️

  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @mother.of.daughters_ I’m not sure but I know if you put your email on the @gathre wait list you’ll be notified for sure 😘

  • 17w ago carrie_royle carrie_royle

    FAO Schwartz is good for both little AND big kids 😊 It’s where the giant piano scene from Big was filmed.

  • 17w ago mouseinthehouseshop mouseinthehouseshop

    How fun!! Are you going to see Geoffrey and Marion?? They would be thrilled to see you all I’m sure! We are actually moving back to NYC next month and I’m super excited to hit up some of my favorite spots - faves with kids are Seaglass Carousel, Playing Mantis toy store, mini golf at Pier 25, alllllll the splash pads, Museum of Natural History, Tenement Museum, Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater, boat rides in Central Park, gosh soooo many things! And if your kids have scooters, bring them! It really helps them deal with all of the necessary walking around! Also good for airports 👍🏻

  • 17w ago citymomnl citymomnl

    Cool picture!!!! 🙌🏻

  • 17w ago rockpaperscissors_asami rockpaperscissors_asami

    Children’s museum of Manhattan and Children’s museum of Art is the best place to go with kids. I love the Chelsea market and the high line is great to take a stroll👍🏻 Gosh, I miss New York.

  • 17w ago ladyofthesalt ladyofthesalt

    I’m glad New Zealand is on there @mer_mag 👍🏻 we get left off a lot of maps

  • 17w ago 10_four 10_four

    This map is so good! NYC with a 12 year old is perfect. Walking over the brooklyn bridge with pizza at Grimaldis is a must. Find the beautiful and fun old school dioramas at the Natural history museum. Walking through Chinatown down to the Staten Island ferry which has the best views to Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan for next to nothing...although at his age, doing liberty island and Ellis island would be really good and perspective giving. And of course do the Met (arms and armor wing or Egyptian are best with boys!) and walk through Central Park. Enjoy!! New York is the best!

  • 17w ago

    I got one before they did!! I am so excited to get it!!!

  • 17w ago crystalsouter crystalsouter

    Governors Island! And remote controlled sailing boats at Central Park!

  • 17w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @ladyofthesalt 👍🏻😘

  • 16w ago mer_mag mer_mag


  • 16w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @mouseinthehouseshop we def want to Geoffrey and Marion!! And you’re moving back to nyc!! So jealous. Great suggestions here. I want to do them all. Love the scooter 🛴 tip! 👍🏻

  • 16w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @carrie_royle oh I love FAO Schwartz ❤️

  • 16w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @smick_27 I haven’t seen a DM from you yet. Maybe try again? 😘

  • 16w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @sarahbyooler 😘😘😘

  • 16w ago hertravellingtribe hertravellingtribe

    Oh my golly gosh! I neeeeeed one of these! So divine!!

  • 16w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @hertravellingtribe 😘❤️

  • 16w ago bethyo2 bethyo2

    Hi, how do I put my email on the waitlist for a large map? Thanks!

  • 15w ago _nicolewilhelmina _nicolewilhelmina

    Dying for the restock 😍

  • 15w ago poppysplayground poppysplayground

    @mer_mag when Will this one ne back in stock???

  • 14w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @_nicolewilhelmina @gathre is restocking in July I believe

  • 14w ago mer_mag mer_mag

    @bethyo2 on the @gathre site I believe. They are restocking in July

  • 14w ago _nicolewilhelmina _nicolewilhelmina

    @mer_mag thank you! Have just turned on notification updates so I don’t miss out ☺️ x

  • 14w ago butcherbird27 butcherbird27

    Hi @mer_mag just wondering where the teddy is from in this photo please? Thanks

  • 7w ago mer_mag mer_mag



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