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Hope you’re all well and having a blessed Ramdhan foodies! Its finally friday!! Which means the weekend is now hereee🎉. Are you craving indo chineese or indian food? We have just the place for you😋
An Najeebs Leicester (London Road). Food: 9😍
Service: 9

We ordered the chineese tawa for two and also an Indian Tawa for two. Its safe to say that its the best Tawa place we have visited to this day😍The Chinese Tawa was filled with a variety of Indo-Chinese food such as fried rice, chicken lollipops, noodles, chilli paneer and of-course Prawn Crackers!
The Indian Tawa had two Curries, one chicken and one lamb with Naans, along with chicken tikka , kebabs and lamb chops for starters . These two Tawas originally meant to feed 4 people fed 6 people and we still had left overs as it was immensely filling! 😍😍.
The service was amazing and the Tawas were priced just under £25 each😅. The downsides to this place were that the furniture is very outdated and the place is in need of serious renovation with worn out seats and stains on the curtains, and also the waiting time as it took 45 mins for the Tawas to arrive. But It was worth the wait! Pictures do not do justice for how amazing these Tawas were, Would definitely revisit... An Najeeb you have won over our chinese loving hearts, Thankyou for your warm welcome and exceptional service. You are foodies approved❤️!
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