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Today’s Amazon delivery wasn’t coffee pods, Lego or light bulbs. Nope, it was a huge slab of groove-laden jazz-pop-funk goodness from the legends @corduroyband I’ve had my shot of intravenous clavinet and I’m good to go. Thanks chaps. #corduroy #corduroyband #returnofthefabric4 #returnofthefabricfour #acidjazz #acidjazzrecords #hohnerd6clavinet #hunkoffunk #onmyturntable #nowspinning


  • 12w ago soulgentleman soulgentleman

    Great return! 👏

  • 12w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @soulgentleman exactly, and thank god they did!

  • 12w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    On further listening I’m detecting a bit of Green Earrings intro here (The Royal Scam)...

  • 12w ago pbird01 pbird01

    @vein_melter Is that a new Lp ? Still have Dad man cat & High havoc but was not aware they are still playing & recording..

  • 12w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @pbird01 yes they are back...this is out today!! For me it easily sits alongside their 90s albums on first couple of spins. Highly recommended 👍🏻

  • 12w ago pbird01 pbird01

    @vein_melter Ok...I’ll check it - thanks

  • 12w ago mugidingdong mugidingdong

    They’re back! Oh my God, thanks for posting this, otherwise I wouldn’t know about this new LP. Will investigate for sure 😃

  • 12w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @mugidingdong glad to be of assistance!

  • 6w ago jazzinfluences jazzinfluences

    It's great to have them back.


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