Instagram post by @phitnessprincess Beckah 💍🎩 Syntrax Ambassador


  • 29w ago bighearted_band bighearted_band

    Lasting memories with some of the best people I know. You were such an incredible “co-organizer” and I can’t wait to do it again. ❤️you

  • 29w ago quarterpoundpatty quarterpoundpatty

    Seriously one of my favorite times ever!! Love you girl 😘😘

  • 29w ago phitnessprincess phitnessprincess

    @quarterpoundpatty same!! My fingers are crossed for September and if not prayers for October 😉

  • 29w ago phitnessprincess phitnessprincess

    @bighearted_band love you hoping for September hoping

  • 29w ago beegirlvsg beegirlvsg

    Definitely one of my favorite weekends! Meeting up with a bunch of friends I never met in person was awesome!

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