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The #homie from #Mexico had to stop by and see what all the commotion was about. #May3 #putchaballyson #ballyanimals


  • 25w ago cut2daone4life cut2daone4life

    It would be awesome if y'all had a way to show all the people who actually wore Bally Shoes i got a few pictures from the 90s, in New Orleans we wore Bally Shoes Hard and Heavy! If you can do that that would be cool

  • 25w ago tommcruised tommcruised

    My FIRST pair of @ballyanimals were purchased at Rubenstein Bros on Canal St in New Orleans I think around 1992... The store since closed in mid 90's and only place you could ANY kinds of Bally's was at "Bally" in a shopping center called "Canal Place" but unfortunately the animals they never had. Imagine how excited I was when I saw @ballyanimals were being re-issued !!

  • 25w ago ballyanimals ballyanimals

    @cut2daone4life Send me some pics and we will post them

  • 25w ago blackngeauxld blackngeauxld

    Same to what @tommcruised is saying. As a local NOLA photographer I've been enjoying the images you guys have been sharing. Would love to shoot around with you guys 2018 version. Growing up here in the 90's was like a @bally zoo. Animals everywhere. LOL

  • 25w ago blackngeauxld blackngeauxld

    @ballyanimals everywhere

  • 25w ago cut2daone4life cut2daone4life

    @ballyanimals ok will do and thanks for the Reply! I'm going to get them

  • 16w ago stephyawa stephyawa


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