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ME IN MY HAPPY LITTLE KITCHEN 🌿🔪 When I'm taking photos in my kitchen I'm putting down the plants from the window sill. So more light ☀️ is coming inside. That makes a huge difference. I'm taking photos only at sunny days and preferred in summer time. What I can't bear are underexposed photos 🙈! Moody photos are cool, because they are deliberately taken in less light. Then I'm editing my photos in Lightroom. I'm just a beginner in Lightroom. If you have any tips, feel free to write them down. I'm making only the simplest things in Lightroom: lighter, deeper, more dynamic and white balance. My old Nikon D 50 has a big problem with white balance. So without post editing it wouldn't work. I need to find out how to edit only some parts of the photo.
Photo: @wurstsalateinszwo


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