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A moment of inattention on my part led to a trip to the body shop for my 2016 Tacoma.
My rental vehicle was this Nissan Frontier and I found it brought back fond memories of my '86 Nissan truck that I drove for 115,000 miles. Back when small trucks were actually small, unpretentious and more "truck like".
While the Nissan is what I consider to be the "right size" (it fit in my garage with room to spare, just like my 2003 Tacoma) it was nowhere as sophisticated as my @toyotatacoma.
One thing that I have noticed is that in a quest for better fuel efficiency, radio antennas have been hidden in the "sharkfin" on the roof. My Tacoma has mediocre radio reception, but the Nissan's reception was downright lousy.

And yes, I was really glad to get my own rig back

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  • 34w ago larrycrittenden larrycrittenden

    I drove a 1982 Datsun extra cab for about 160,000 miles and wish they still made them. Durable, decent economy, perfect size -- it took me and my gear all over Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. It might still be out there somewhere.

  • 34w ago garyobrien321 garyobrien321

    87.5 Nissan King cab, with a Tempe Mountaineer camper shell. It had 286K miles when I sold it, still strong. Miss that truck.

  • 34w ago camdavidsonphoto camdavidsonphoto

    Taco all the way. 174k on mine.

  • 34w ago johnsamora602 johnsamora602


  • 34w ago cynthia.a.johnson2 cynthia.a.johnson2

    Nice...but don't think I can be comfortable with a small truck. Happy trails Tom. 😄

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