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Going back a few weeks. My beautiful friend @racheldubray called me after I found out I was having a BOY and she said I had a dream about your baby shower. I am going to throw you one. Haha it was the best Baby Sprinkle a girl could have. It was my favorite type of theme Milk & Cookies! Swipe right for the adorable spread. My sister was here for it and it was so special. I have felt so much love from my Texas Family and it still overflows 💞🥛🍪🍪🍪
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  • 34w ago adubbbuley adubbbuley

    Oh, so so fun!!! Love seeing those sweet faces! Happiest little sprinkle, friend! 💙

  • 34w ago lisarondo lisarondo

    So so sweet, happy for you!!!

  • 34w ago cindyspeed cindyspeed

    Tears of joys here for you and all those wonderfully sweet friends/family who embraced you,mike, and James from day 1. #texaslove💛 And that spread was indeed an inspiration👌🏼😍 And Carrie’s visit on top of all that??? So much love. Baby Otto is one special baby.💛👶💛

  • 34w ago racheldubray racheldubray

    Don’t worry that night was the last time my house was clean 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think I need to throw another party

  • 34w ago mrssesh mrssesh

    @racheldubray that’s how I keep mine clean! 🎉

  • 34w ago carrieow carrieow

    Good times!

  • 34w ago woodenbabys woodenbabys


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