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A few years ago I didn’t really understand what this meant... without knowing it I’d always found myself with people or around people who wanted to ‘fix’ me, ‘save’ me or protect me... These people always did it out of love...out of their love for me. And I love and thank them for it! 💜

But I have come to realise I don’t need that... I don’t need someone to fix or save me... 💜As soon as someone is set on ‘fixing’, ‘protecting’ or ‘saving’ you they are putting their own limitations on you. 💜Without knowing it...they’re taking away or inhibiting your ability to follow your heart. 💜

I now find I am far more comfortable around those who allow me to be unashamedly ME! 💜
Those who listen and let me bounce my ideas off them! 💜
Those who encourage me to embrace where I am and look forward to the opportunities ahead of me! 💜
Those who want to really connect! 💜
Those who are on their own journey and love to share their growth and experience! 💜 💜Those who are willing to stand BY MY SIDE as I ‘save’ MYSELF! 💜 💜People who want to fix, protect and save you have a place...there’s no need to shut them off... BUT be sure to identify them and make sure they aren’t dimming the sound of your HEART! 💜

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  • 34w ago ozzieogre ozzieogre

    Beautiful words Beth💜

  • 34w ago rachaeldiebold rachaeldiebold


  • 34w ago kyliewakeham kyliewakeham

    Amazing such beautiful words Beth 💜 I’m so happy you have found your true self and have so much beautiful souls around you accepting you for YOU 💜 You are AMAZING 😘 I’m following your foot steps hun 💜💜

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