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  • 12w ago franky_spinos franky_spinos

    I mean scientifically we are ‘animals’ aka mammals but I understand that the term animal coined in this post is used in a degrading manner. Great post! c:

  • 12w ago cristiano.14 cristiano.14

    Exactly thank you for sharing ❤️

  • 12w ago twamester twamester


  • 12w ago miaram4 miaram4

    So true!❤❤

  • 12w ago orlandomont_ orlandomont_

    What an embarrassment to have that pig as the president

  • 12w ago ragazzoni ragazzoni

    Love it! Vote in November!!

  • 12w ago krwlos1 krwlos1


  • 12w ago marod_11 marod_11


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  • 12w ago lau_fg11 lau_fg11

    I think criminals are not animals cause animals are beautiful creatures and cant be compare with criminals (nasty, disgusting, cruel and heartless people) So if someone should be offended are the animals not the criminals.

  • 12w ago moisesvlchz moisesvlchz

    There's nothing wrong with the term "animal", animals are beautiful and complex creatures. What is wrong is giving it a bad connotation, just like "black", "asian", "latino", "arab".

  • 12w ago drjshamilton drjshamilton

    Good job. @danelljleyva ..don't stay quiet

  • 12w ago joelhubpremium joelhubpremium

    Animals> Ms-13

  • 12w ago rmarrone287 rmarrone287

    Awesome photo

  • 12w ago quadtwist quadtwist


  • 12w ago joseph_xd joseph_xd

    People that rape, control, and kill are animals. I don't understand how you're defending one of the more grotesque gangs in the world just because the president called them a name that anyone would call them.

  • 12w ago _gabymarley_ _gabymarley_

    Humans are animals! !! I don't understand why this word is taken as offensive

  • 12w ago tokenteran tokenteran

    Assuming that being animals is wrong or diminishing is the real problem.

  • 6w ago chazinmd chazinmd

    I wonder if either of you would say that if you came face to face with what MS-13 is capable of...... Pure evil!


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