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Continue from last post: I realized I don’t have the pic of his other tattoos. But here’s an example, his forearm tattoo (you might think it’s horrible, but given the benefit of the doubt, it is his own design he developed) . I think it sucks. 🗣let me know if you want a sucky tattoo, btw: club members receive 66% off all tattoos #Tattooerforlife #roguetattooing #rogue #myhighlife #sleeve #yourtattoosucks #colortattoos #colorsleevetattoo #queenstattooing #bushwicktattoos #nyctattooer


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    Damn man, still mad at me because I invited you out one night because I hadn't seen you in awhile, you don't have ID and then get pissed at me. We already discussed all this between us and now you want toy spew lies and on social media too. Wow man. Your memory is fading fast man. You always complimented my art and that sun and moon was drawn about 20 years ago to be fair. Youve become an angry person full of hate. All I ever did was compliment your work and refer you to people until I moved and got some work done by other people. Its sad that instead of talking to me, this is the forum you chose. Wow

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