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#Playtime #didyouknow : When we think of playing we think of young animals or children keeping themselves amused; but playing is one of the most important behaviours, especially in the early stages of life.
Play can influence physical and psychological development and so has an impact on an individual’s future.
Many species of animals are not so different from us when it comes to play behaviours. When describing these behaviours they can be categorised in two ways; object play, locomotor play or social play.

Object play is really important to animals that learn to hunt or use motor skills.This behaviour hones their dexterous skills which come in handy when foraging for food.

Social play is a category we can associate with most easily. When we think of our children playing, we picture them with other children. This type of behaviour is not just important to social species, but also to solitary species such as our tigers, who will play with their litter mates until they are old enough to disperse by themselves.
These opportunities give them the ability to practice hunting skills such as stalking, or learning to socialise which is needed for an animal to breed successfully.


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