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Last night we went to Wales to view the ‘Museum of the Moon’ by Bristol artist Luke Jerram. The moon is a 7 metre wide scaled down version of the actual thing - 1cm being the equivalent of 5km of the moons surface. It was lit from within and is visually correct, featuring detailed NASA imagery.
This was my first visit inside the abbey and it was amazing to be in the space, with the huge moon (!) listening to beautiful choral music by Dan Jones and picturing all of that history the Abbey has been through. Also I loved seeing how everyone interacted with it and how calming the atmosphere was.
This was the last night at the Abbey but if you google Museum of the Moon there are more tour dates elsewhere.


  • 43w ago beingknitterly beingknitterly

    We saw it in Leicester Cathedral. It was stunning there too! Well worth visiting if possible.

  • 43w ago robbo_lawlaw robbo_lawlaw

    this looks amazing , is it touring?

  • 43w ago fayeperriamreed fayeperriamreed

    @robbo_lawlaw yep, it looks like it’s coming to Bristol in July - I’ll happily go again if you come up! X

  • 43w ago nu_shearman nu_shearman

    We should go and have a look at this @texustom21 xx

  • 43w ago robbo_lawlaw robbo_lawlaw

    @fayeperriamreed if Its a date I can make then I'm totally there! Will have a nosey at the weekend and let you know X

  • 43w ago fayeperriamreed fayeperriamreed

    @robbo_lawlaw it says the 7th-8th, I’m not sure where it will be though. We’re going to Bristol Psychfest in town on the 7th so the 8th might work better for me if it’s out of town! X

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