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Are track days your specialty? The #CBR1000RR is the weapon of choice for many riders looking for superior performance. 🏁


  • 25w ago stephenroams stephenroams

    Clean asf

  • 25w ago deco.23 deco.23


  • 25w ago luiizjunior luiizjunior

    @deco.23 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • 25w ago il_ducatista77 il_ducatista77

    Any issues or was the gearing fix I heard bike drops in neutral or something? @honda_powersports_us

  • 25w ago not_austinmelton not_austinmelton

    Hey @honda_powersports_us can I have a free bike cause I’m broke?

  • 25w ago rcfourfive rcfourfive

    So @honda_powersports_us what tire pressures do you recommend for track use? What slick tires do you recommend? How do you cater for sprocket changes when tracking the bike?
    @shawn_sloan_official @death_cbr_sp2 @fuzz21

  • 25w ago carbonknightyyc carbonknightyyc

    I miss my 17' cbr1k 😭 owned it for 3 weeks and unfortunately had a serious crash(first in 11 years riding) and wrote the bike off :( I'm still in the hospital 4 weeks later.. but honestly that fireblade was an absolutely amazing machine! But I still show my Honda pride with my Honda wing tattoo on my right forearm 😁

  • 25w ago death_cbr_sp2 death_cbr_sp2

    @honda_powersports_us / @hondaracingcorporation — from a SP2 owner —- I don’t see how you can advertise that the bike is track ready without full disclosure that certain features or standard track things most do - you cannot recommend for this bike ——ex: you don’t recommend to run any tire size besides what is in the manual / you don’t recommend to run different tire pressures than what is in the manual / you don’t let folks know that the sport kit is inactive which is needed to alter the electronics for sprocket and other changes / you don’t let folks that you don’t support or make it possible to buy HRC parts in the USA. Yet, you expect folks to pay more than the ninja zx10 rr or the Yamaha r1m that has more factory support - KRT AND YEC in particular

  • 25w ago jajananbandungkekinian jajananbandungkekinian


  • 25w ago bar_bee_j bar_bee_j

    If my credit wasn’t 420, maybe I would have one 😭

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  • 24w ago praveentiwari4793 praveentiwari4793

    like it

  • 22w ago fuzz21 fuzz21

    @il_ducatista77 you know what hondas response was to that issue.. dont change gearing,tyre size or tyre pressure and you will be fine

  • 22w ago il_ducatista77 il_ducatista77

    @fuzz21 sounds like a Ducati response

  • 22w ago fuzz21 fuzz21

    @il_ducatista77 lol maybe. But at least Ducati give you the option to change what you need. Honda dont. They lock you out of those features n say bad luck.

  • 22w ago costadelinfo costadelinfo

    I Love It!! 💕💖💟 Wanna try and go around with it at the beautiful Costa Del Sol (Spain). It could be my next Vlog post... 😍😍😍

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