Instagram post by @harunelbinawi Harun Elbinawi

#Iftar is the breaking of #Ramadan Fast. Traditionally but not mandatory, three dates are eaten to break the fast in emulation of the Holy Prophet
Muhammad (sa), who broke his fast in this manner.
For members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, we should remember families of the Martyrs and the Living Martyrs who are nursing various degrees of injuries as a result of the Saudi-sponsored #ShiaGenocide.
Friendly and family visits are important during Ramadan to strengthen brotherhood. Shia families should visit Sunni families and Sunni families should visit Shia families.
During Ramadan we can invite our Christian brothers and sisters for the Fasting breaking Dinner. This will foster good neighborliness and solidify peaceful coexistence.
During Iftar we should also remember the oppressed people of Yemen and occupied Palestine who are victims of genocidal bombardment by bloodthirsty Wahhabi and Zionist savages.
In this blessed month of Ramadan we pray to God to Free Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife and all the captives of the Saudi-sponsored Shia genocide in Nigeria from the dungeons of murderous criminals who are paid agents of Saudi Arabia.


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