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I am in the process of buying this 70 pound Soderfors anvil made in 1929. I spotted it in my neighbors yard today and I have been sitting here envying it all day and being depressed because It wasn't mine. So I went over there and offered him $200 for it. He is ok with that price but I haven't paid him yet. It is very well marked and in extremely good condition other than some rust. Their aren't even any chisel marks on the step. #soderfors #swedish #caststeel #anvil #tools #shop #beautifull #blacksmith #madeinsweden #amazingcondition #forge #blacksmithing


  • 43w ago mt_phillip_metal_works mt_phillip_metal_works

    Congrats man! Very nice anvil!

  • 43w ago seaderforge seaderforge

    That’s a $1000 anvil on eBay

  • 43w ago viceforvises viceforvises

    That’s beautiful!

  • 43w ago hellbenderforge hellbenderforge

    @matt.seader 😂😂😂

  • 43w ago fawkes.forge fawkes.forge

    @matt.seader Yeah I figured $200 was a good deal for it. I was right about to offer him $400 then he suggested $200 and I was very happy with that price. He always cuts me super good deals on tools. It belonged to my neighbors friend and somebody gave it to him for free.

  • 43w ago olydemon olydemon

    Wow! Score.

  • 43w ago seaderforge seaderforge

    @fehu.forge it’s a very nice anvil, great find

  • 43w ago dougdougthewelder dougdougthewelder


  • 43w ago cleanitupfam cleanitupfam


  • 43w ago dsigini dsigini

    I got my soderfors for 150$ :) happy ringing

  • 43w ago nrumage nrumage

    Damn. That was a hell of a score

  • 40w ago midnightknife midnightknife

    That's interesting I damn near took up smoking because a lady next to my house growing up has a big nice anvil in her flower bed... I offered hundreds and she never budged. You are lucky. I have almost stolen it many times...

  • 27w ago mdt107 mdt107

    How does this anvil work for you? I am hoping to buy one very similar

  • 27w ago fawkes.forge fawkes.forge

    @mdt107 I haven't actually used this one yet. They have a reputation of being a very good anvil, They have amazing rebound. The only downside I've heard is that if it has sharp edges like this one does they can chip a little easier than a forged anvil since the steel is very hard. They ring very loud too, It is a good idea to wrap a chain around the waist or something to reduce the noise. I highly recommend Soderfors anvils. They are one of the best anvils you can get in my opinion.

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