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♠️ S T A Y ♠️ ON ♠️ YOUR ♠️ GAME ♠️
SOFlete Endure is an intra workout that helps fuel you to maintain your performance in whatever you’re doing. With the correct balance of electrolytes, BCAAs and carbs to keep you moving
@3gunnation knows what’s needed to keep hitting the target
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  • 17w ago bespokebarber bespokebarber

    Does this replace BCAAs? Or more for just long workouts/endurance events?

  • 17w ago 3gunnation 3gunnation

    @sofletehq I was on that heavy this weekend at our GA Regional! 88 degrees baking in the sun for 3 days! Kept me in the game! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT OF OUR SPORT!! 🙏

  • 17w ago sofletehq sofletehq

    @bespokebarber it can be used for both


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