Instagram post by @samanthamccarthy_agent Samantha McCarthy

• • • HAPPY MONDAY • • •
I love getting out there each and every Saturday and auctioning my vendors homes. It’s a significant day after a sometimes intense 4-weeks - with advertising your home to the world and buyers wandering through your home. There can be a big build up, a lot of pressure for this one day because everyone has invested so much into it, the vendor, the agent and the buyers.
This auction saw an outstanding result with 4 bidders competing, [one investor, one second home owner, one downsizer and a first home buyer]. The winning buyer - you’ll see launch straight into the biggest hug with her sister, she has been searching for the right home for quite some time and our team have been helping her along the way. It’s an incredibly happy moment and a memorable one at that, and this makes Saturday’s all the more enjoyable! 🤗💕 If you’ve ever wondered what your home was worth, or needed some guidance on buying your next property - whatever journey you’re on - please give me a call to chat on 0431 712 899 ☎️

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