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More victories today. Mindset is everything. I've been on this journey for around 2 weeks now and I've lost 2kg and an inch off both my hips and waist (although I think my measurements are a little off so I've ordered a proper body measuring tape)

I had a lazy day of doing nothing. I was going to take it as a rest day because I was feeling lazy but I didn't work out yesterday either. And in addition I was planning on having a Chinese takeaway (was going to make cous cous and home and just get chicken and cashews as that's a healthier option) but just as I was about to phone the order in a friend text to ask if I wanted to go for a run. So here i am, 3 miles later without the slightest desire for a Chinese! Having a healthy dinner instead.

Must remember, if you're feeling like eating shit do half an hour of exercise and then see if you still want to eat the shit!

#newmindset #stilllearning #littlevictories

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