Instagram post by @rundanirun9 Dani Filipek

I don’t think I’ve ever been warm announcing a race, but every smile is worth it at that finish, first or last, I’ll be there ready to say ALL DA NAMES! #annoucing #race #trailrunning #trailraces 📸: @jricha34


  • 8w ago jmoreno415 jmoreno415

    That’s Bc you’re in Michigan! It’s Summer and hot everywhere else!!!

  • 8w ago runnergirl1114 runnergirl1114

    I heard you. I forgot to grab my lei. Lol. I got pulled away and didn’t get to come say hi after!

  • 8w ago buttfarts29 buttfarts29

    DJ Cool hat

  • 8w ago rosecharbsss rosecharbsss

    I heard you call my name today! Haha

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