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Love this dog so much! Today we went to a doodle meet up and there were about 15 other curly doodles for Ruby to run around with and play. She was too nervous to jump in the fountain like the other dogs, but later she jumped in a dirty pond! She hasn’t been swimming before and was a bit surprised. After the puppy play date we stopped at @bubblypaws for a quick self-service bath. #goldendoodle #minigoldendoodle #mndoodles #mndoodleromp


  • 12w ago withsteph withsteph

    Is there room for 1 more doodle in the group? Sounds like a blast!

  • 12w ago imlisa imlisa

    Do they have bigger ones where you got her?

  • 12w ago mandylane5 mandylane5

    Love, Love, Love this!!! 🐶 🐾💕

  • 12w ago bubblypaws bubblypaws

    Thanks for coming in!

  • 12w ago mrobin032009 mrobin032009

    Thank goodness for collars otherwise you might be taking the wrong pup home - lol!

  • 12w ago marketingmama marketingmama

    @mrobin032009 ha! It was so cute they were all different colors (well, 3 colors) and sizes. Ruby had a few twins but I could still tell her apart 😍

  • 12w ago marketingmama marketingmama

    @withsteph do you have a doodle? It’s a MN Doodle group on Facebook. Anyone can join 😍

  • 12w ago marketingmama marketingmama

    @imlisa I think they only specialize in the small ones. But there are bigger ones from other breeders - they are more common and cheaper than the minis!

  • 12w ago imlisa imlisa

    @marketingmama thanks! I’ll look around. Mainly I’m looking to check some out first and see if I’m allergic.

  • 12w ago sitbymebakery sitbymebakery

    Sweetest 💕

  • 9w ago lumos_images lumos_images

    Awwww look at that face!!! Sweet pup 💛


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