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There were 4 things I couldn't cope with losing when I went vegan: pizza, #asda own brand creamy tomato pasta bake, most crisps (fucking milk powder!) and creamy mushroom soup. I hadn't tried to make mushroom soup because I have no faith in my cooking skills, and my other half hates mushrooms, so I didn't want to ask him to make it for me. But after a confidence boost from @jills84 last night telling me "well, there's no way you can keep saying you're not a cook!" after trying something I'd made, and finding leftover mushrooms from last week's stir fry, I gave it a go! 🍄
Tasty rating: 14/10
Things on fire: 0/10

I'd probably try full fat coconut milk next time to get it a bit thicker, but it's absolutely amazing! (avec cheeky #accidentallyvegan garlic bread, Tesco value range)

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  • 35w ago zib658 zib658

    Gorgeous! Love it!

  • 35w ago hellbells91 hellbells91

    Would a little bit of cornflour help or might it make it a bit gelatinous?

  • 35w ago skin_seamstress skin_seamstress

    @hellbells91 it might, but I can never get cornflower/water mixes smooth! Haha! It was absolutely fine as it was, but a lot thinner than what I remember mushroom soup to be!

  • 35w ago katieetatieexo katieetatieexo

    Just leaving it to simmer over a low heat would thicken it up! It looks really tasty though!

  • 35w ago a_birdandfledglings a_birdandfledglings

    You're going to have to do a cook book, cos I want the recipe for everything you make!x

  • 35w ago skin_seamstress skin_seamstress

    @a_birdandfledglings everything is off google haha!

  • 35w ago rhiannong1 rhiannong1

    This looks incredible 😍😍😍

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