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Ever since, my first experience in a Himalayan salt room, I’ve always wanted to buy a pink salt lamp. The color alone is so soothing, but it’s the respiratory benefits that really won me over. 💛

I visited @breathesaltrooms several times over the last few winters, particularly while I was conjestes and recovering from a cold. I left each time feeling revived and able to breath like a normal human being. 💛

That “feeling” is natural wellness wisdom that my Russian family, as well as many other cultures, have long known - the pink salt is the sh*t. It releases healthy negative ions into the air, which improve freshness. Inhaling these ions can help with inflammation, reduce mucus in lungs, and alleviate symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and certain allergies. When you eat the salt (FYI I get my pink salt @costco !!) it can help balance blood sugar, improve your body’s hydration and help with muscle cramps. So, I’m super excited to light up my Himalayan salt crystal lamp tonight, and breath in some good vibes, good ions. 💛

COMMENT: Do you own a salt lamp? If so, have you noticed any benefits from it? Has anyone tried this to help kids during winter cold season? #wellnesswisdom #himalayansaltlamp #eveningroutine


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