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‎⁦‪#Speicher1700‬⁩ never forget those who were killed simply because they were Shia Muslim ‎⁦‪ #shiagenocide #iraq #isis #realislam is #shiaislam
Shia Muslims are being literally burned alive, buried alive, beheaded, and bombed for being Shia by terrorist organizations the #KSA #UAE #israel #US #UK created.

I will not apologize for terrorism the #KSA #UAE #US #UK #israel created that target religous minorities like me. I am shia. I am their primary target. Not the #KSA #UAE #israel #US #UK ---------------------------------------------- ‏اكثر من ١٧٠٠ طالب قُتلوا وعُذبو من قبل الإرهابيين الجُبناء الكفار والسبب لان هؤلاء الشباب ‏"شيعه اتباع محمد وآل بيت محمد" اولا الزنا قتلوا اولاد محمد واهل بيت محمد ⁧‫#إبادة_الشيعه‬⁩ 💔


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    تفاعل 🌷

  • 9w ago h6m.6 h6m.6

    متفاعل / ضيفوني ❤

  • 9w ago _.amaaal _.amaaal

    Please our hearts can't bare to see these videos again 💔wallah I can't without breaking down so badly....

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    Ya mola😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    I hate ISIS

  • 9w ago mem_keeper mem_keeper

    Wallah Imam Mehdi’s (A) reappearance time is not far away. May Allah remove his mercy from the cold heartless killers.

  • 9w ago wajahat24 wajahat24

    Wallah , they are not humans , its so heart breaking. The only reason they are dead cause they are shia ??? How much pain this must of caused to our imam (a.t.f) seeing his ummah being slaughtered like livestock . Our hearts cannot bear this sight . Imam mahdi (a.t.f) how much more pain and sorrow ??? Wallah biyaeed . Hanuzam kheli tanha 😭😭

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    ohh wallah we will not forget 💔

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    الله اكبر


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