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Breathe. It’s not a hard concept. We do it unconsciously. Funny thing is there are countless benefits if we stop robotically breathing and allow the breath to work it’s magic. Here’s some benefits to paying attention to our breath, to perhaps even using it to strengthen your physical and emotional health.
7 Benefits of Breathing Mindfully
- Tuning into your breath
helps you keep your cool to better manage challenges.
- Breathing deeply and consciously holding your breath for a period helps to defuse stress cycles and supports healing in the body.
- Breath helps inhibits our fear circuitry, truly, it works a treat. - Helps you relax and be solution orientated
- It’s free (that’s always a bonus!) - it can be done anywhere, anytime
- No headphones, device, or fancy equipment necessary required!

Warning : you may experience feelings of peace, feel like you’re winning 😎and regain a sense of humour.


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